Cubby for Consumers

Cubby Paperless is a free digital filing cabinet for paperless bills and statements from your participating companies and service providers. Cubby removes the clutter of paper bills and the hassle of accessing paperless statements from multiple different websites, each with different usernames and passwords.

With Cubby, your paperless bills and statements are organized in one central location, making it easier for you to access them whenever you need them. Some of the several benefits of Cubby include:

  • Your statements are uploaded and organized by date and company - automatically
  • Your statements are stored for you for years – securely
  • You only have one email and password to remember
  • Going paperless improves sustainability
  • Cubby is always free for consumers

Join the Cubby Community and we will notify you when companies in your area have uploaded documents to Cubby Paperless.

Consumer FAQ

Yes, you can. Cubby does not process payments, however your service provider can provide a link through Cubby which you can use to make your payments online. If your service provider indicates you're on autopay, you will see "Autopay" and no payment link is necessary.

No. When your service provider has bills or statements ready for their customers, they generate the PDF files and upload them to Cubby. Your bill or statement will then be available for you to access.

Maybe. If you have not yet registered for Cubby, click on the Register link and enter your ZIP Code. If Cubby has documents for your ZIP Code, then you can create an account and Cubby will look for your documents. If Cubby does not have documents with your ZIP Code, you will have the option to enter your email address to be notified when it does.

The security and privacy of your paperless bills and statements are critical to the Cubby Paperless team. Cubby complies with applicable regulatory requirements and takes steps to secure your information.

Mint, YNAB, Everydollar and other similar money management software packages track every transaction you make, often with daily updates. Cubby Paperless provides monthly bills and statements, including monthly bank and credit card statements. Cubby also receives mobile phone and medical bills which provide cost breakdowns, which traditional money management software does not provide. In addition, Cubby receives non-bill statements, such as medical explanations of benefits.

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Paperless Pickles

Pickles cartoon about paperless bills. Pickles used with the permission of Brian Crane, the Washington Post Writers Group and the Cartoonist Group. All rights reserved.

Pickles used with the permission of Brian Crane, the Washington Post Writers Group and the Cartoonist Group. All rights reserved.