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Although the vast majority of our lives have gone digital, some studies show that a much as 70 percent of bills and statements are still being delivered on paper, costing service providers hundreds of thousands of dollars/year.

And many consumers report that the paperless experience is still too cumbersome and difficult to manage.

Cubby Paperless' patented solution makes paperless documents easy for customers and cost effective for businesses. Market research shows 91 percent of survey respondents would likely switch more of their paper statements to paperless if they were on the Cubby platform.

Cubby lowers the paperless conversion barrier and delivers a solution that is:

  • Simple: Paperless bills and statements are automatically uploaded to Cubby Servers with minimal effort. We make it simple for both you and your customers.
  • Flexible: Cubby works within your existing operational process to help you with the initial setup.
  • Customer Centric: Your customers have easy access to current and past statements and will have fewer late payments.
  • Affordable: Only pennies per document. No additional IT support required.
  • Support for Success: We will help you convert more of your customers to paperless and improve their paperless experience.

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How We Do It

In your current process, you generate PDF files for a new batch of bills or statements which you make available online to your customers via your website.

Using a proprietary and patented process, those PDF files are uploaded to Cubby's secure servers. They are processed and distributed to your customers' Cubby accounts along with bills and statements from their other providers (utilities, banks, credit cards, medical statements, etc.)

Your customers will then find your new bill or statement expertly organized in one place, easy to access with one login.

Cubby Paperless makes it easy for you to integrate our platform into your current paperless solutions. We help you with the initial setup so that the Cubby batching and uploading process fits seamlessly within your existing process.

PDF flow from companies to customers

What your customers have to say about Cubby Paperless:

“Wow, this looks so organized!”

“I like having everything available in one spot online.”

“I think this is a great idea. I've been trying to go paperless, so having everything in one place is great. Very convenient.”

“I very much like the idea. Would jump on it in a heartbeat.”

“I'm in need of a way to organize my paperless statements, so the product Cubby is offering would be extremely practical for me.”

“Great idea for being able to gather stuff at tax time.”

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