About Cubby Paperless

Portrait of Gary Stringham

Gary Stringham
Chief Paperless Pusher

I’m Gary Stringham, Chief Paperless Pusher for Cubby Paperless. I’m passionate about improving the paperless experience for both customers and service providers. Cubby was born from my frustration as the recipient of roughly 20 paper and 5 paperless statements every month.

Companies constantly nag me to switch to paperless. But going paperless forces me to log in to each of the different company websites each month, each with different username/password and different ways to find those statements.

In addition, many companies delete statements after one year, but I need some longer for taxes, record keeping, etc. When an account is closed (e.g., due to a move) online access is immediately shut off. I lose access to my personal data.

I felt the customers' paperless pain. I saw companies’ ever-increasing paper and postage costs. So, I took out a clean sheet of paperless, and invented and patented a solution. All the paperless bills and statements would be accessible in one place with one login. I started Cubby Paperless and assembled a team of developers, cybersecurity experts, marketing, and others.

Cubby’s mission is two-fold. 1) Remove customers’ paperless frustration so they can better manage their finances. 2) Lower the paperless conversion barrier for companies and improve their customers’ paperless experience.

Improving the paperless experience has become my passion.

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