The Smart Path to Paperless Bills & Statements

Although the vast majority of our lives have gone digital, as much as 80% of bills and statements are still being delivered on paper.

The Cubby Paperless patented solution makes paperless bills and statements easy for customers and cost effective for businesses.

Are you a consumer who's frustrated with the clutter of paper bills? Or the inconvenience and difficulty of accessing statements from many different websites?

Cubby Paperless is the solution. Learn more about Cubby for Consumers.

Are you a company and service provider that wants to convert more of your valued customers to paperless?

Cubby Paperless lowers the conversion barrier and greatly improves the customer experience. Learn more about Cubby for Companies.

Looking to better manage your paperless bills and statements?

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Benefits to Companies

Convert more of your customers to paperless bills and statements

Give your customers a better paperless experience, reducing customer support calls

Reduce late and missed payments from customers

Benefits to Consumers

Access your paperless bills and statements from several companies with just one login

Track upcoming bills and avoid late payments

Access your paperless documents longer than the one year most companies provide